Wednesday, June 8, 2011

guest blogger: kim

summer is upon us, and for many people that means it's time for a vacation! back in the day (not sure how long ago i'm talking, just go with it), people with diabetes may have felt like they couldn't travel. i have never felt this way, and i know that pretty much all of my DOC friends feel the same way! to get everyone ready for this vacation season, i have some awesome guest posts about traveling to share with you from some of the amazing members of the DOC. today's post is written by the fabulous kim from texting my pancreas, who is also the creator of the You Can Do This project! thanks so much kim :) 


Maybe it’s just luck.

But, really - I think my Dexcom receiver might be all solid steel and defiance.

There’s everyday wear and tear - skidding off of desks; being squished while I sleep; my occasional yelling when I don’t like the graph I’m seeing.

There was that time it jumped out of my pocket and hung out on a landscaped downtown sidewalk for several minutes. (It took me getting back to my desk, realizing I was missing it, and having to retrace the steps of the 15 minute walk I’d just done to relocate the thing. It was resting on some mulch. Soft landing!)

Then, the time I found it wearing a cane and glasses. (Oh, wait, no... I did that.)

However, vacations tend to encourage an almost extreme sport when it comes to using a continuous glucose monitor. At no other time but in an airport would I be concerned about how walking through a doorway might affect my equipment. In few other circumstances would I think to myself, “Can a CGM transmitter survive in a hot tub?”

And most certainly, it’s one of the few opportunities for me to be stuck in a golf cart, far away from shelter (save for a few trees), during a massive rain and hail storm (during which, I would realize that my CGM receiver was still sitting, unprotected, in the cupholder) - and have it SURVIVE.

I’m thankful to be able to use a CGM as a resource in my diabetes care - and I’m even more thankful that it puts up with all of my shenanigans.

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