Tuesday, December 4, 2012

insulin pump considerations

it's the time of year for a new insulin pump (well, i guess time that comes every four years when the warranty expires).

preface: these are all MY own opinions. not every pump works for every person - heck, some people prefer to not use one, which is a-okay with me! everyone has their own opinion and these are my personal feelings about which pump is best for me. 

i met with a nurse practitioner last week, and when i went into the appointment, i had it in my head that i wanted the t:slim. well, i kinda changed my mind. i checked that one out, and a major con for me is there is no remote. i use my ping remote A LOT, and i'm not sure how i feel about giving that up. and i wasn't a big fan of the connection for the tubing hanging off the pump ... i'm used to the little nub on the end of the ping, it doesn't bother me. i am hesitant about that tubing connection (reminds me of my first minimed pump 12 years ago)

i also checked out the omnipod, which i've considered before ... i'm not a fan of how far it sticks out off your skin, and i don't like that it is ALWAYS on. you can't disconnect for a shower, etc, it's there. on your skin. always. the nurse said they are going to have a much smaller pod when it comes out sometime next year (remember when the new animas pump was going to be out in november of this year? it's still not. i don't do well with 'when the next one comes out' because who knows how far off that could be!). PLUS - even if it's smaller, i'm still not sold on the idea of it being there always.

of course i looked at the animas one touch ping again, my true love, which i have right now. i decided that i want to get another ping, and when the new version comes out next year (fingers crossed), i will be able to upgrade to whatever that is.

now to the bigger question ... what color do i want to get this time??