Monday, August 29, 2011


sometimes, i don't feel lows. i just check my blood sugar and it's like 'oh, huh, 57. this should feel a lot worse.'

other times, i feel them majorly. today is not one of those times, but i'm low - 63, thank you for asking. i'm even writing this while low. which is odd because sometimes, i can't even form proper thoughts when low. and i get confused. but i feel okay, a little shaky physically.

the problem with this low is, it's one of those 'i over bolused for my dinner' lows - which george says is not my fault. it's diabetes fault. his doctor said so. i like his doctor.

so how do we treat lows? we have to eat. or drink. i don't have any juice or regular coke at home right now (yeah yeah, what a bad diabetic i am, so unprepared), so i had to eat. and since dinner wasn't too long ago, i'm not hungry. at all. but i have no choice. so now i will wait for that awful over-full feeling. and then be mad that i had to eat so much more than i planned.

i am pretty sure i've said this before - i know i've said it on twitter, maybe i have said it here - the worst part of a low ... well, the whole thing sucks but one thing is after you've eaten or taken something to treat the low, and still feeling low while you wait for the number to climb back up. that's where i am now. and my stomach is starting to feel too full.

it's a vicious cycle.

eff off, diabetes.

Friday, August 26, 2011

random thoughts.

today is random thoughts friday.

yesterday, bootcamp was 'we're going to make your arms feel like jello' night. yeah, that worked. mission accomplished, trainers.

i have a busy weekend/next week coming up.

i'm getting feather extensions next week. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!

my mom's birthday is thursday. i'm leaving town thursday morning and have to be at the airport at about 5:30 am ... i bet dad's taking me ;)

... which means i need to figure out what to get her for her birthday (mom, stop reading) ... any ideas?

i still love pinterest. a lot.

i got my birthday present from my parents early last night - my birthday is october 8. both of their birthdays are between now and then and i already got my present - :) it's awesome and they are awesome.

the JDRF walk is coming up in october ... i've raised $585 so far. my personal goal is $1000. my team's goal is $2000. so far as a team we have $710. i KNOW we can meet and surpass our goal!! if you're feeling generous or touched by how awesome i am (or want to donate for my birthday? what?), feel free to email me and i'll send you the link so you can donate!

i hope hurricane irene doesn't ruin the weekend for all my friends on the east coast. especially my dear friends whose wedding i'm in next weekend in maryland. go away, irene. no one likes you.

have a great weekend everyone!! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

bootcamp wins!

so after trying another bootcamp place, and getting bronchitis two weeks ago, i am back at the original gym i where i first tried bootcamp.

and i love it.

not that i didn't enjoy the other bootcamp, but this one feels more 'me' ... if that makes sense. and it seems much more organized, which is a personal thing, i feel better when there is organization, it feels like things run smoothly, not time wasted, etc.

last night was 'prison yard workout' and it was just as amazingly awesome as it sounds. throwing heavy rocks and jumping on walls and stuff. good times.

i was hating it during, but felt awesome afterward :)

... i think i've said that before.

Monday, August 22, 2011

oh yeah, i have a blog ...

i've been disconnected. not from like, ya know, life in general - but my blog and the DOC.

maybe that means i'm TOTALLY connected to life, staying busy and having fun! ...maybe you saw on twitter that i was at the state fair three nights in a row for concerts ... lady antebellum (thanks becca for taking me with the tickets you won), boyz II men (FREE concert, amazing) and jason aldean (free tickets as payment for a fun gig in a few weeks, stay tuned) - so much awesome! :)

lady A

boyz II men - minus one guy who had a family emergency

jason aldean - amazing show

i need to get my shizz together and focus on my BGs staying in range and staying healthy. i kinda fell off that wagon a little bit when i got bronchitis AGAIN a few weeks ago, missed about two weeks of bootcamp and then ate a bunch of AWESOME and bad for you junk food at the state fair.

this week, back on it. bootcamp twice this week, BGs going well ... i'm gonna continue this trend.

and be connected to my DOC friends and blog. :)

delicious pineapple whip at the state fair! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

diabetes fun friday

the fam was in town this week, so i had a little chat with the niece and nephew about diabetes. basically asked them what they think it is, etc. (it's always fun to hear made up kid answers about things they are unsure of, right?) the nephew is 9, the niece is 4 with a quickly approaching birthday.

and yes, after we discussed, i educated them with the correct information.

me: what is diabetes?
niece: diabetes is when have to have shots and you have to go to the doctor because they give you shots and stuff.
nephew: you have to be careful with your body and treat it well when you have diabetes.

me: yes, but what IS diabetes?
nephew: a sickness.

me: how or what do people get diabetes from? what causes it?
nephew: stuff you're allergic to? (he said it like he was asking)
niece: dessert.

me: what helps keep people with diabetes healthy?
niece: not getting sick and taking shots.
nephew: you listen to the doctor, take the right medicines, measure the right amount of medicines, stay away from stuff that might make it worse and use your pump.

me: is there anything people with diabetes are not allowed to eat?
niece: dessert.
me: wait. dessert? have you ever seen me eat dessert?
niece: no.
me: really? no ice cream, no cake, no candy? nothing?
nephew: you like red velvet cupcakes and cake.
niece: [blank stare] i am 4 years old.  [major fit of 4 yr old giggles followed.]

me: okay, what should i eat?
nephew: healthy vegetables and fruit.
niece: grapes, a strawberry, tomatoes, watermelon, chocolate cake ... chocolate cake and whipped cream with strawberries, that would work and be very yummy.

me: when i poke my fingers, what am i doing?
nephew: you're checking your blood sugar.

me: what's a number i usually get? do you remember?
niece: 5, 2, 8, 9 ,6, 18, 19, 20, 100, 1800
nephew: around 100.

me: what does it look like if someone has diabetes?
niece: it looks like that you take shots and medicine.
nephew: you have pumps and wear more stuff on your body than we do.

the niece and nephew enjoying dumbo at disney world 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[almost] wordless wednesday

bronchitis prescriptions + pump broke so i had to take injections (additional insulin prescription) = lots of medical supplies for two days. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

ice cream!

i'm sorry, did someone say that people with diabetes can't have ice cream? and then not apologize for it? right. ok then. carry on* ...

*not all the people pictured have diabetes. but you can't tell by looking at them, can you? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[almost] wordless wednesday

people have asked me if my hair is naturally curly. it dries wavy. but i can make it do THIS. fancy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

go figure

this morning i was thinking how i haven't blogged in like, oh, a week. i thought that, hey, diabetes hasn't been entirely out of control and making me frustrated, that doesn't always happen, nice. i was trying to figure out what i could blog about ... maybe how it's been pretty easy going, and diabetes isn't ALWAYS a pain in the ass. ya know, how this is one of those times that people don't always talk about, because what seems to start conversation is when the annoyances happen. yay, i had a blog idea, things were going pretty well, nice!

then i checked my blood sugar ... it was 58.

isn't there some law about how nothing will happen until you bring it up? yeah. so there's that.