Friday, January 31, 2014

spare a rose . save a child

oh hey guys. three months later.

clearly i'm lacking in the blogging department (what else is new?), but when i heard about this, i knew it was a must-share. thanks to the international diabetes federation and their spare a rose - save a child program, children who don't have access to insulin, like i'm lucky to have, can get the insulin they need to live.

For children around the world with type 1 diabetes, lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death. And in some areas of the world, most children with diabetes can expect to live less than a year past their diagnosis date – if they’re diagnosed at all.

This Valentine’s day, the diabetes community is trying to change that. And you can help.

it's really simple. you donate $5 for one rose, and that pays for ONE MONTH of insulin for a child who may not have it otherwise. donate $10 for two roses (two months), and so on. paying for a dozen roses pays for insulin for a YEAR! obviously these are not living roses (that don't live a month anyway) ... this is something way better.

just visit THIS LINK and at the bottom of the page, choose the option you'd like. follow the steps to make your donation. it's that simple! if you'd like to do this for someone you love instead of buying them actual roses, they have adorable print-outs you can give them instead to let them know you made a donation.

after that, spread the word about this awesome opportunity! use the hashtag #SpareARose. post it on your facebook, your twitter, your instagram, your youtube, your vine, your tumblr, your windshield, your forehead ...

i've already donated, will you?