Monday, November 18, 2013


ac·count·a·ble. adjective [əˈkountəbəl/]: 1. required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.

when it comes to managing my diabetes, there's only one person that holds all the power in determining how well it's managed. me. 

dr. awesome can talk to me about food choices. go over insulin to carb ratios. review exercise options. discuss not over-correcting lows and being patient to wait for those lows to come back up. tell me how many times a day to check my blood sugar and watch the dexcom ... but it's in my hands. 

i have to make the right food choices, not just the carb-loaded delicious ones that i want. do the math to figure out the correct insulin dose (i'm not a big math person). get off my lazy butt and exercise, not just pin all the great workout plans. make myself sit and wait after drinking a juice box or eating glucose tabs, instead of inhaling everything in the pantry in a desperate moment of wanting that low feeling to go away. take the 30 seconds to get out my meter, check my blood sugar, and enter the number in my dexcom. WEAR the dexcom.

my responsibility.

it's not always easy. it gets old. sometimes it's a hassle. and i slack. and then, i pay the price. i am fully aware of how much better i feel and how much better i function when i have really good control over my blood sugars. 

this isn't something i chose, i didn't do anything to cause my diabetes ... but i have it. i have to keep it under control, because if not, there are consequences. 

i'm the only one that's accountable for my diabetes. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

i've been bad ...about blogging.

i was going to just make the title 'i've been bad' but i had a feeling that might lead to lots of spam comments ifyouknowwhatimean.

i haven't blogged since september. that's awful. i'm not even sure how i go from regular posting to none at all.

excuses, excuses. work's been busy, other things have been going on, etc.

but with all the reasons i may have for not opening up this blog and posting ... diabetes is still there. the blog might fall to the wayside, but diabetes can't. it's always there. i can't take a break from that.

i'm still checking blood sugar, watching my dexcom, counting carbs, drinking juice boxes, trying to say no to halloween candy and sweet treats, trying to make good food choices, changing pump sites, the smell of insulin ... it's always around.

i want to try my best to not neglect my blog, it's led me to a lot of awesome people, a great online community and is a great resource and support when i need it.

prepare yourselves, i'm back just in time for THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

our UofL/UK tree is up!