Thursday, August 29, 2013

jello legs ...and arms.

day two: DONE.

i've decided to make good use of my pinterest board and actually do some of the exercises and videos i've pinned.

tonight i thought i'd try some of the fitsugar videos ... and i like them! they're only 10 minutes each, so i picked three high intensity workouts.

all qued up

the victoria's secret model full body blasting circuit (do the VS models actually do this? who knows.)

the 10-minute arm workout from kelly ripa's trainer (omg. my arms. jello.)

and the 10-minute total-body bikini workout (ya know, since it's about to be fall...)

i'm gonna keep it real. during the last video there was one exercise that is in the circuit twice that i just couldn't do. i thought i was going to puke after the move prior to it, so instead i just did some squats and took deep breaths during those. and it made me consider going back to exercising before dinner ... which is better? before you eat? after you eat? i'm sure there's a correct answer or different opinions.

but i thought i hung out pretty well during the first two! i didn't stop at all, and i'm DEFINITELY sweaty and i feel like i worked hard. i pushed myself. i didn't half-ass it.

the next three days we'll be out of town so i'm going to try my best to get some exercise in!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sweatbetes is back.

remember when i used to go to bootcamp? and workout? like, regularly? and then i'd stop ... and then i'd start again ... and then stop ... rinse, repeat.

well, i need to get back into a routine. actually, i've been needing to for a while. i have been saying it in my head for months weeks (that sounds less slacker-y), pinning workout stuff, trying to make better choices when eating ... all the things i should ALWAYS be doing.

and like many people, i always come up with excuses. too tired, too busy, too hot, too humid, too lazy... time to get it together. and i need to hold myself accountable. i'm not trying to bust my butt and do too much and get burnt out, just get moving.

it's time to tighten bloodsugars, waistlines, shoestrings (for working out, GET IT?) and make better food choices ... and i'm putting it out here because that means i know that at least the 2 people who read this will call me out if i'm making an excuse or being lazy.

i got my new kicks (that i needed anyway, but i told myself if i was getting them, i need to actually wear them while exercising, not just because they're cute ... but they are cute!)

my husband asked what i'm going to do when we go out of town (long weekend staying with my friend and her man coming up) ... i'm going to try to at least do a short workout each day at some point. she'll probably hold me accountable after reading this anyway. :) 

tonight, i did the first day of jillian michael's 30 day shred. i don't know that i'm going to stick to the same workout every night (meaning, i don't know if i'm going to do her video for 30 days, i might mix it up), but i want to do SOMETHING. i've done her video before and after about a week i was burnt out because i get bored doing the same workout every day (part of the reason i end up quitting...)

and jillian isn't kidding around. my arms are already sore.

day one: done! i'll be back to hold myself accountable tomorrow.

Monday, August 26, 2013

drumroll please!

fundraising for this year's JDRF walk was a huge success! my goal was to raise $1000. the total came in at $1075! i love busting through a goal. :)

thanks to everyone who supported me and donated this year!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

i love good customer service.

remember the sensor issue?

bad peeler.

i called dexcom, and the customer service representative i talked to named samantha was very pleasant and helpful. they're going to replace the sensors i haven't used out of the crap box i have because she understands the hassle of putting one on, having it calibrate only to peel off. how nice!!

AND, i don't have to return the non-awesome sensors; she said i can still try those and see if they'll stay - although i'm kind of hesitant to do that because it will not be stellar if they fall off again.

but yay for the nice people at dexcom who understand what it's like to work with technology that sometimes doesn't agree with you.

bravo, dexcom! thanks for being my friend. :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the walk is coming!

TWO DAYS. there are just TWO days until the JDRF walk in louisville! i'm THISCLOSE to my goal, i just know i can push past it! i've raised $855 - my goal is $1000! just $145 away.

won't you help? every dollar counts! just go here.

and a sensor follow up: the second sensor i put on out of the same box - the sticky came off within a DAY and the whole thing came off my arm. sigh. i'm thinking this box is a dud. dexcom replaced the first sensor with a fresh new one - and i'm wearing it. day five, going strong. i need to call them and let them know about the second sensor and see if they'll exchange the last two sensors from the box because it is a big pain in the rump to put a sensor in, wait the calibration period, start using it - only for it to come out. wamp waaaamp.

Friday, August 9, 2013

sensor fail.

well i just got my new sensors yesterday and after not wearing them for a while ... i only had it on for the calibration period and when I felt it - one side has no sticky and is peeling back. i know that right when i get in the shower water is going to get it in or something.

sigh.  time to call dexcom.

Monday, August 5, 2013


i've been sans dexcom since before we went to puerto rico ... for almost three weeks.

it's funny how something becomes habit. i still feel like i'm forgetting something when my self-named dexcom pocket in my purse is empty. when i'm walking around at work and don't grab it off my desk to take with me. when i go to the pool and have it in my bag. when i change clothes and make sure i don't snag fabric and yank it (ouch). when i go to bed and put it on my nightstand. it's become a tool that i really appreciate having, and i don't like to go too long without it.

i kept forgetting to order sensors, so i tried to do that last night... but apparently my prescription is up so i have to call dr. awesome today and have a new one sent over. oye vey. his office staff are really quick and helpful so hopefully i'll get them ordered tonight.

i am so much better about controlling my blood sugar when i'm wearing it, i can't wait til they get here!