Thursday, June 26, 2014

13 weeks

How far along? 13 weeks

Maternity clothes? i bought a few pieces over the weekend and today is the first day i felt like i NEED them (zippers and buttons = not my friends)

Stretch marks? no

Sleep: same as last week, get up once just about every night. 

Best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat at the doctor this morning - and not having to keep this a secret anymore! 

Miss anything? hmm not especially

Movement: not yet!

Food cravings: same as last week ... nothing crazy but if i get an idea in my head of something that sounds delicious, i must have it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: (same as last week...) random things. sometimes grilling beef. and the smell of some colognes/perfumes. and spaghetti sauce gives me heartburn.

Gender: we'll know mid-july ... stay tuned

Labor signs: it's way too early for this question.

Symptoms: still having some random nausea but i've learned that now it mostly means i need to eat a little something. food = nausea gone

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!

Blood sugar: dr awesome made a few changes earlier this week and it's helped with overnight lows. i feel like i have much better control and i try to not beat myself up when i creep over 200 and come back down quickly. 

Looking forward to: knowing if we're having a boy or girl!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

12 weeks

i've seen some other bloggers answer these questions to keep track of pregnancy info (and remember it. seriously, pregnancy brain. the struggle is real.) ... so i decided to do the same - and i added a diabetes-related question of course :) 

this is 'end of the day' bump ... it grows after meals. for real.
How far along? 12 weeks

Maternity clothes? i have one skirt that i've worn ... stretchy is good right now. it won't be long before i need them officially! 

Stretch marks? no

Sleep: still getting up once just about every night. otherwise it's pretty good. i've had a few random nights where i lie awake for an hour or so - fun times!

Best moment this week: FINALLY sharing the news with extended family and friends! 

Miss anything? sushi.

Movement: can't feel it yet!

Food cravings: yes, but nothing crazy or weird. if i see delicious food while watching TV, i want that food (last week it was pizza).

Anything making you queasy or sick: random things. sometimes grilling beef. and the smell of some colognes/perfumes. and spaghetti sauce gives me heartburn. no more italian.

Gender: we'll find out in about a month

Labor signs: it's way too early for this question.

Symptoms: the usual. first trimester tiredness, body changing and growing, etc.

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!

Blood sugar: been pretty good! dr. awesome and my nurse practitioner have been keeping a close eye on me and i talk to them weekly (if not more!) and have appointments at their office once a month. the past few nights i've been low every night, so today some more adjustments were made. dr. awesome said the second trimester will be full of the most changes! 

Looking forward to: the next six months :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

one small detail...

remember that long story about how my pump broke on vacation last month?

i left out one small detail of the story that made it a TOUCH more stressful ...

i'm so excited to share that we'll be getting an extra present around christmas this year!

i have been lacking in blogging consistently but i'm really hoping i will post more regularly the rest of the year because i've really benefited from reading pregnancy stories from other type 1 mom bloggers (like kim and kerri). at minimum i am going to try to have at least one post a week! big goals you guys, all while growing a person. while living with diabetes. ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

that time my pump broke in another country

on the second full day - friday - of our recent eight day vacation, my pump screen went out while at the pool. i trekked to our room (the resort was NOT small) and called my endo. then i called animas and talked to a lovely lady who tried to help me get it fixed over the phone, to no avail. she said i'd have to talk to someone in the international department to figure out shipping me a replacement dominican republic. she talked to someone else while i was on hold then told me someone would call me back in the next 30 minutes.

...they didn't.

do pretty pictures make this story seem less crappy?

in the meantime, i had talked to my nurse practitioner at dr. awesome's office, because, of course, like a good diabetic travelling out of the country, i didn't have back-up insulin. stellar. it was a proud moment. my lame defense was this has never happened in the 14 years i've had diabetes (even in tahiti!). so i went to the 24-hour doctor on the resort - who was very nice, helpful and understanding - and he said he could get lantus delivered from the pharmacy. i had to pay with cash. (also, getting medications in other countries is weird. no prescription needed. just a phone call telling them how much was needed and it was there in about an hour.) it was a pricey mistake, but i had no choice. he also threw in syringes for my humalog at no charge, which was a nice touch.

oh - did i mention i've never used an insulin pen, and that's how i received my lantus? good thing i'm smart enough to read instructions. so simple!

i called animas again the next morning. the person working in the international department wasn't working on saturday, so i'd have to wait til sunday. what a lovely surprise!

in the meantime, the lantus and humalog injections were working out just fine.

sunday morning i talked to the person in the international department. after two days of being told she would set everything up to have it shipped to my resort, she told me they couldn't ship to dominican republic.

big. fat. SIGH. there was nothing i could do except have the replacement shipped to my parents house and get it when we got back home.

my vacation had a double meaning. time away from home and work, and a pump vacation. i hadn't been sans pump for a full week EVER since i started using one. two days, tops, while replacement pumps were shipped. i hadn't worn a bathing suit, in the ocean, by the pool, worn sundresses or sat out in the heat without a pump AT ALL for 14 years. it was somewhat freeing!

when i got home, lesson learned, my replacement pump awaited me.

and at my regularly scheduled appointment with dr. awesome last week, he reminded me to always take lantus with me. and he said it will probably never ever happen again, but it's of course safer to have it there than to go through that mess again. i agree.

learn from me, people.