Monday, July 25, 2011


sunday morning, i woke up early, sweating and shaking with low blood sugar. i stumbled to the kitchen, tested, chugged some apple juice and went back to bed.

a few hours later, i woke up because my site HURT. i was so confused, i thought maybe i just rolled over on my tubing and it was pulling and not comfortable, so i pulled my pump under my body to the other side to relieve the tension. ...and fell back asleep.  i woke up a little bit later because the site was still irritating me. when i reached down - yep. i had pulled it half way out. YAY FUN TIMES!

i did my site change and carried on with my day. my blood sugar was 148, so it must not have been out for too long.

then, sunday night, right before i was going to take a shower, i grabbed my pump to suspend it and IT CAME OFF. the second one of the day! it didn't rip, it just pulled right off my skin, gently. sigh. it didn't have enough 'sticky.'

i know i'm not the only one this has happened to, MAN, how annoying!

Friday, July 22, 2011

back to bootcamp

so i am back at another bootcamp. i had about a month off in between. and, uhhhhh there will be no more 'month off' between any exercising. holy what a difference.

this bootcamp is three times a week ... i started last week.

i really like this one, it's fun, they mix it up like the last place. i like the people there, i don't really talk to a lot of them but most of the time we're busy, ya know, exercising. last night i was partnered with a girl who was really nice, she has had a few knee surgeries (i gathered from the scars she has similar to my sisters) ... some of the exercises i do are modified since i can't run or jump. i get frustrated because i know mentally i am capable of running in place, or jumping up and down ... but when i actually do those things, my legs remind me that nope, sorry, you can not do those things. my partner was very nice and said, 'hey, at least you're here doing what you can!' good call nice partner, good call.

well, one thing that is different is they try to throw some fun, different activities at us. last night ... relay race. it was like a flashback to grade school.

we had teams of five, each team had one guy (not many guys in this bootcamp). first we had to row on the ...rowing machine? i should remember the name since i was going to row in high school and went to practice for a few weeks. until i decided i valued my sleep. then we had to go to those jazzercise steps that were stacked three high and either jump on them or step. then we had to do burpees. so we had a certain number of each activity we had to do - but the kicker was, only one person on your team could be doing an exercise at a time.

i was the only person on my team that knew how to row correctly, so i went first. HA. i mean, it was a RACE, so i hauled ass. as fast as i could, as long as i could. until i said i needed someone else to take over and could not stop my hands from shaking long enough to undo the foot straps, then almost fell over when i went to stand up because my legs were shaking so bad.

and because of the whole compartment syndrome thing, i am not allowed to jump. so we went to the step next, and i did take my turn, twice. i stepped up. and i felt like i was weaker, i didn't do very many. i was so shaky that i was convinced that my blood sugar was low. i shakily wobbled went to the other room to get my meter and checked my blood sugar. 139. ugh, i was just that fatigued?

we did burpees last. i did like ten of them. i was FOR SURE that i was going to pass out. i have never passed out in my life (knock on wood), but i was certain that this is what it felt like right before you pass out.

i didn't pass out.

my arms and legs felt like jello. it hurt to hold up my water bottle. my leg shook when i pushed in the clutch. i was like a grandma getting out of my car when i got to the grocery after bootcamp. it took me a minute to get going this morning. my arms hurt after i have typed this whole blog. (sounds pathetic.) but i know that this is a good thing, that means i'll be stronger next time. it will hurt a little less (RIGHT?).

and oh yeah, my team won the relay race. ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

christmas in july (a thank you)

'twas the night before payday, when all through my brain.
trying to figure out how to pay for medical supplies, oh what a pain.
the supplies that i had sat ready to use.
if i ran out of them, i might've blown a fuse. 

most people were passed out in their comfy beds,
no thoughts of medical expenses running through their heads.
with my friends on twitter, i chatted in the dark,
waiting for my brain to flick on an idea, like a spark.

the next day on the phone, there was such a clatter,
the customer service reps didn't understand what was the matter.
in my anger i searched for something to smash,
ok, let's be real, i'm not the type of person to thrash.

this wasn't the first time they had given me an issue,
my emotions almost led me to grab a tissue.
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
an email from two magical DOC dears.

with just a quick note, so sincere and sweet,
my DOC friends had a solution, it was quite the treat.
i was a little hesitant to agree,
weren't there others who needed this more than me?

with insets and lancets and cartridges, oh my,
alcohol swabs, glucose tablets, all there, i might cry!
"a small box" was soon to be near,
then a bigger than small box was suddenly here!

my heart was full, i was so happy...
take a seat y'all, it's about to get sappy.
i couldn't believe the kindness they sent,
it was so amazing, to twitter i went!

i was oh so grateful, i said in one tweet,
i couldn't believe these girls - so sweet!
more than words can say; thank you isn't enough,
i can't express how i feel about getting this stuff.

i was beside myself with the support that they sent,
they seemed to know how much it meant.
we're all here to support when in need,
many people i shared with agreed.

the southern hospitality was received,
delivering help and love was achieved!
sometimes this phrase means the real thing-it is truly smart,
to the two amazing girls i say ... bless your heart.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


when you feel low, and go to check your blood sugar ... it is helpful when the container of test strips is actually IN YOUR PURSE. otherwise, the meter staring at you is of no help.

...ya know, when it's at home on the counter.

we all make diabetes mistakes sometimes :P   we're human!

Friday, July 15, 2011

dexcom sightings in disney world

i was looking through some pictures from our disney vacation, and it was like where's waldo when i would spot the dexcom sensor i had on.

so here's most of what i found (some are cropped for family privacy, you get it):

dino ride in animal kingdom

epcot gardens

after the water ride at animal kingdom

watching the dancing water

driving a segway! 

i don't mind spotting it, i loved the sensor on my arm!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


the other day i saw this image on pinterest of a bobbypin and it said:

[insert choice cuss word that starts with F] everywhere. click here if you dare
(because it's funny. but it's not for children's eyes. or ears. watch your mouth.)

so anyway, i had two thoughts.
one: that is funny and true.
two: you know what ELSE is everywhere? test strips.

i decided to take a few pictures as examples ... and these are from just two days. i swear they multiply. maybe they can get lost together and breed and make new test strips and then it will save us lots of money.

also: ignore my dirty car floor and such.

kitchen floor.  

car floor. there were  two others but i didn't feel the need to show them all. 
and i don't know how they get on my floorboard??

bottom of my purse. surprised there weren't seventy-thousand.

drawer in my nightstand.

floor of my office.

there are more ... somewhere. hiding. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[almost] wordless wednesday

when it's almost 100 degrees, it's too hot for pants. (and we can't wear shorts to work)

Monday, July 11, 2011

it's too humid

to blog. or do work. or play. or move.'s not really the HEAT, it's the HUMIDITY. i have walked outside twice today and thought i was going to suffocate on the hot, thick air.

the heat affects my blood sugar sometimes ... depending on how hot it is and what i'm doing.

does the heat affect your blood sugar?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

someone should give us money. or supplies.

after spending an hour on the phone with my mail order prescription company today ... and paying a nice big chunk of money for prescriptions that I MUST HAVE TO LIVE AS A HEALTHY HUMAN BEING, i have decided that we should have some super rich person pay for all of our supplies that we need to live as healthy people with diabetes.

we could just write some celebrity a letter, right?

i'll keep dreaming. where'd i plant that money tree?