Thursday, April 24, 2014

the 21 day fix.

am i becoming a once-a-month-blogger? BLERG. sigh. anyway...

i'm not a dieter. being 'on a diet' is not something i do. that was never part of my vocabulary growing up, it was always just making healthy choices.

i try to eat healthy, not eat crap, keep BGs in range, etc. but sometimes, that doesn't happen. i can blame a busy schedule, having to work late, running all over town all day on the weekends OR the fact that i pick the crap choices... BECAUSE IT TASTES SO GOOD.

anyway, i found that i was way off track with my eating. i felt like my blood sugars were all out of whack, and i needed to reel that back in. some other non-diabetes bloggers i follow were trying the 21 day fix. ...i guess this is as close to a 'diet' as i could get. but it's NOT a diet.

here's the rundown: you get colored containers of various sizes. you follow the formula to figure out how many of each container you eat each day, then follow the guide as to what foods go in which colored containers. so you're getting proteins, fruits, veggies, healthy carbs, healthy fats and dressings every day. smaller portions - which actually look much smaller than they are, once you eat them you realize they're filling. it also comes with workout DVDs, the workouts are 30 minutes each (shakeology shakes are an option, but i didn't go that route).

to me, it's really helped me with recognizing proper portion sizes, and making sure i am eating the right foods and the right amounts every day. i remember dr awesome telling me that having diabetes didn't mean i couldn't have the treats i wanted, i just needed to have eat balanced healthy meals like anyone should. that's what this did for me.

i'm halfway through the last week of my 21 day fix. while i don't think i have lost a bunch of weight (i'm not a pounds-tracker, although i had to do it for my 'coach' at the start of this program), i feel better. and i mean, ending up with non-tight clothes doesn't hurt... plus my BGs have been AAH-MAZING!

i did let myself have a couple treats on easter. and i had to make some adjustments and watch my blood sugar at first, i was correcting a few lows here and there; but now i'm pretty much all leveled out.

i'll probably continue after these three weeks are up in a similar capacity, making sure i'm getting all the right food groups and continuing to make healthy choices even if i'm not making every meal at home every day.

yay for health!