Saturday, September 14, 2013

just got back from a JOG!

yesterday i didn't exercise. well, not officially, but i did walk a lot to distribute some posters for a work event, so that kind of counts.

BUT, this morning, i went for a JOG! i used my brain and didn't run up the first hill that is my only access to the rest of the neighborhood, because that one ALWAYS makes my legs hurt. i walked up, stopped to stretch, and was on my way.

i did stop to walk and stretch a few times, but that's ok. and my legs weren't hard as rocks and tight in the same place they always have been. my calves were tight, so i stretched.

it wasn't a super long run or anything, i was gone about 40 minutes and trust me it wasn't 4 miles or anything, but it's a start!

my bloodsugar was weird after a late night meal, a little on the high side, but was a steady downtrend while i was running. and it has settled and isn't going too low. improvements all around!

now, ice. :)

ps - GO CARDS! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

quick summary

my legs weren't too sore at work after yesterday. i wore tennis shoes to be safe, i was worried about them hurting.

i went to bootcamp, convinced that they'd start hurting during the workout. and guess what, totally right. it was kind of hard to do some stuff, but i did as much as i could without being in pain.

and then i had to stop about 10 minutes early because my blood sugar was dropping fast. thanks diabetes.

and now, ice. yay!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

nice ice

long post alert. 

what i'm doing right now.

hey meredith, why are you sitting with ice on your legs?

good question. i'm glad you asked.

tonight i met with a sports therapist who was recommended by the guy who owns the gym where i'm going to bootcamp (we actually met AT the gym). he said he thought he might be able to help with my compartment syndrome, so i was up for it. (that means RUNNING. if it works, i can RUN. and JUMP. WITHOUT PAIN!)

basically i laid on a table and had my legs stretched out. and then some pressure on certain points of my sore muscles.

long story kind of short, the following things were discovered (in bullet point form!):

  • my right leg is weaker than the left. likely because of an injury i had a few years ago when i sprained my ankle really bad and had some stress fractures in that leg (all at once. that was fun.).
  • i land on the outsides of my feet. when i walk, run, etc. i balance on the outsides. this has made my muscles on the outsides of my legs overwork and the muscles are bigger, making them - tah-dah - too big for their compartments.
  • the stretching HELPED! he explained how my legs will be sore for the next few days, and the soreness might be in different places than i'm used to (um, fact. my right ankle was hurting for a little bit when he was teaching me some stretches, and by the time we were done, the back of my knee hurt. so, yeah.)
  • i ran around the parking lot. to test the stretching. and guess what, the outsides of my legs didn't hurt, the INSIDES did. because i was focusing on landing on the insides of my feet and taking the pressure off the outsides of my legs.
  • we'll see how i feel from here. i'm hopeful, it was pretty awesome to have to stop running because i was tired (weird to say), not because of pain in my legs. 

back to the ice ... i was told to ice them as if i have an injury. so i'm doing that. AND IT'S FREEZING BY THE WAY.

so, ya know, i'm excited about seeing how it feels tomorrow. ;)

OH - my workout tonight was the the stretching and muscle rubbing and learning exercises on the stairs and running around the parking lot once.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

check in and dexcom

after work tonight, i went to bootcamp. there's a good little group of people that are there every time, it's pretty painful fun!

that's my workout check-in. WOOP WOOP! i will admit, there are times that i am lazy and don't want to exercise, but i feel great afterwards, i have to remind myself of that when i'm feeling blah.

also, i have my current dexcom (last one sweated off after being outside all day friday) a little bit lower on the back of my arm. i think that one thing that was causing the top edge to peel off was that it was right at the level where my short sleeved shirts hit, causing it to rub off and lose the sticky.

we'll see if that helps. so far, so good!

Monday, September 9, 2013

not slacking

workout summary

friday = about 8 hours outside lifting, moving, setting up, assembling in the 90 degree heat and humity

saturday = about 9 hours outside setting up, lifting, running, planning, talking, assembling, moving in the same weather

sunday = FOOTBALL! break.

monday = 3-4 hours outside lifting, moving, taking down, disassembling in the 90+ degree heat and humidity.

tomorrow ... bootcamp!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


last night i had my first one on one, and tonight was my first bootcamp. it feels good to be back!

tomorrow my workout will be setting up for a big event we have at work on saturday ... and saturday will be that event. i'll be running around for hours, burning some calories!

sunday ... FOOTBALL! (rest day)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

one on one

last month, there was an event at work and i won a raffle and got a basket that contained a bunch of exercise related stuff. month memberships to a few local gyms, giftcards to healthy food places, a sporting goods store...

today i cashed in on one membership. it's a one month membership to a bootcamp and two one-on-one training sessions.

my bloodsugar was being a jerk this afternoon so i grabbed a snack after work on the way to my first one-on-one and i was good to go.

i thought i did pretty well, my arms are definitely going to be sore (in a good way!) tomorrow.

tomorrow night, first bootcamp. i'm excited! they're my favorite workouts :)

yay for staying consistent with exercise!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

welcome fall!!

so, it's not officially fall. but in my house, september = fall. when we got back from chicago, fall decor went up all around us. LOVE IT!

our mantle. this is DEFINITELY not all of the decor.
and guess what's even better? the weather we got this evening = totally fall-like. cool, breezy, not humid, LOVE. so guess what else? i worked out OUTSIDE!

got in a little 40 minute walk/jog (my shins are now reminding me about that whole 'don't run' thing ... typing this with ice on my legs. I WISH I COULD RUN PAIN FREE!) and then i did a cool workout that i found on pinterest for a final burst at the end ... a quick routine to do to one song! this one was mackelmore's can't hold us, and i thought for sure when i started the exercises that there was no way i'd be able to finish by the time the song ended, but I WAS WRONG!

via pinterest

as i was standing up from the last burpee (i have a love/hate relationship with those. as do many people who do them.) ...BOOM. song over. WOOHOO!

feels good to be back on the move. yay for sweaty healthiness!

Monday, September 2, 2013

chicago and exercise

we went to chicago on friday and got home this morning. i said i was going to try to stick to exercise ...

the amount of walking we did in the three days we were there totally count as exercise! my legs are definitely reminding me how long it's been since i really walked long distances. (and i'm sure it made no impact since i ate delicious, wonderful junk while we were there!)

i gave myself the day off and i'll be back at it tomorrow.

and now, the fun pics:

arcade bar

the pawn shop from the show hardcore pawn chicago

garrett's: delicious

cub's game from a rooftop 


the bean

from the show the weiners circle ... it's totally how it is in the show