Tuesday, January 31, 2012

random things

my blood sugar has been better. i think all of the infections and medicines are now out of my body and i feel more stable. thank god.

i need to find my motivation to get back to regular exercise. i thought i'd found it a few weeks ago, but it went somewhere again. it might be the weather. (speaking of weather, it's going to be 65 here today. what the hell, winter?) i have a groupon for another bootcamp to try out, i need to set that up.

i've been teaching a friend about diabetes stuff. i like when people want to learn. and ya know, a refresher to remind myself that i still know what i'm doing after 11 years.

it's amazing how, after the crazy blood sugars from being sick leveled out, my dexcom is such an awesome teaching tool. i have also realized, yet again, that carbs are the devil. when i don't have bread, pasta, etc, i have such a nice little graph. but the minute i do, it's glucoaster time. annoying. (i have also noticed that ice cream is not the devil. maybe wendell should have said no pizza or loaves of bread. ass.) i'm rediscovering my love for salad. (and the unwich at jimmy johns. delicious lettuce wrap? yes please!)

january is over already? whaaaaaaaaaaat?? that's fine. bring it on, february.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[almost] wordless wednesday

i'm not jinxing anything ... but this is a 12 hour graph.

that is all.

(if i have a no-hitter, i might cry. this does not count as jinxing. because it's tiny font and italic so it's like no one saw it anyway.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

back at it

remember that whole burn out thing? yeah. when that happens, sometimes you eat like crap. and that makes blood sugar go crazy. mmhmm. i'm not saying this happened to me, but i'm not saying it didn't.

but now i'm over that, yay! and salads are sounding delicious lately (and i had a terrifying choking episode when i was out to lunch with mom last week, thanks lettuce); i'm back at trying to do the no sweets, or as few sweets as possible ... it's working. waking up with blood sugar at 95 feels good. :)

meter: 95, cgm: 100. win.

and next week (february ... it's already february?? sheesh.) i'll be back at the gym and i'm excited about that. maybe the crowds will be dwindling from all the new year's resolution people? we'll see.

so yay for being healthy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh hey burnout

i'm here. i still have this blog. i'm just in one of those 'i don't feel like talking about diabetes right now' weeks.

my blood sugars are pissing me off. i'm trying to keep them under control. i'll be around.

in other news, it SNOWED today. even though it was just for an hour, there might be more coming. and it's a nice little dusting. we don't get a ton like you folk up east ;) 

just for funsies: 

Friday, January 6, 2012

a break.

well this is a fun post to write after an exciting little celebration yesterday.

of course you know i got my dexcom about a month ago. and i've been wearing it ever since. it's a blessing and a curse.

yesterday, i tweeted this picture:

yeah. that made me feel AWESOME.

my dexcom is amazing because it shows me if i'm steady, heading up or down and usually is very accurate. it's a curse because i can see my trends and i feel like i really don't have great control. that feeling completely sucks. i'm responsible for myself, yet it doesn't look like i'm trying. and OF COURSE i am. it's not like i get to take a break from this crap. and sometimes, i can't figure out why the hell my graph looks like this. yesterday i hung out at 200 or above, and had hardly eaten anything. talk about frustration. i changed my site and suddenly, after dinner, i was 46. WHAT?? and it felt like a horrid low since i was high all day. but of course, back up again and i'm hanging out in the 200s this morning. what is going ON? maybe it could be stress, i'm not real people sick (unless i have some sort of sickness where i feel totally normal), could it be these sinus headaches?

either way, i'm wondering if i should take a break for even just a week. maybe seeing those higher numbers and glucoasters are freaking me out and making it worse.

suck it, diabetes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy blog birthday!

can you believe it's been a year since i started this little blog? i can't. which also means it's been a year since i met briley, thankyouverymuch. as well as a bunch of other great people! and i can't name them all because i will feel bad if i leave someone out, and then they will be sad, and i will feel guilty ... it will be a vicious cycle. DOC people, you know who you are. and i love you all.

in the past year i have gotten really involved with the online community, with blogging, spreading awareness ... i've met so many awesome friends, and SOMEDAY we will meet in real life, or maybe someone will figure out how to just instantly go from one state to another (no stephanie and aj i don't mean BY PLANE to new york) with no time or money involved. i won't hold my breath though. it's funny how close you can be to people you've never met in real life before ... or how you can 'miss' someone that you've never seen face to face, yet you talk to them every single day (briley, steph, aj, amandaashley, dustinkerri, mike, kate, kim - SEE? i told you if i started a list i would feel bad. don't hold it against me. i'm leaving someone out and i already feel guilty. sigh. ALSO: lots of A names and K names.) 

i thought i'd share my favorite posts from the last year. indulge me. you don't have to go back and read them if you don't want to. but thank you for stopping by this past year, even though there are weeks when there aren't as many posts as others, i appreciate any time you click over to my blog and read for a minute. all six of you. HUGSIES!

the really long post where i answered my friend's questions about diabetes

when i finally went back to my favorite endo, dr. awesome!

bootcamp!! sigh, i really miss it. can we get a prescription for gym memberships?

dblog week: admiring differences



wilford brimley's birthday

crumbs. cupcakes.

that time i got called an influential blogger

my JDRF's team success

getting my dexcom


it's been a rollercoaster year ... i'd love for that to settle down, but life doesn't work that way, does it?

happy birthday blog, have a cupcake.

keep it fancy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[almost] wordless wednesday

and my first post of 2012. hey slacker. AND, tomorrow is my blog's first birthday! wow.

anywho, NEW SHOES today!! a combination of some of my favorite things. red and sparkly.

happy 2012!