Monday, March 18, 2013

emotions and blood sugar

over the past (almost) 13 years, i've learned how my emotions and different life circumstances affect my blood sugar.

for me, anxiety, stress and getting frustrated or angry make my blood sugar go STRAIGHT up. before i had a continuous glucose monitor, i didn't notice it as much as in the last year and a half when i have been using the dexcom.

like some people have a rise in blood pressure when stressed, angry, etc, same goes for my blood sugar. as far as being excited - a little change, but nothing like the previously mentioned. anxiety, however, same affect. the first time i ever noticed it was on vacation with my family waiting in line for a really intense scary roller coaster (said the non lover of roller coasters of any size) space mountain. in the amount of time it took for us to get in line, wait, ride and get out of the building, i watched the arrow slant up ... it was eye opening.

these would also make my blood sugar rise.

everything affects diabetes ... but it's not a life controller! what about you, what emotions change your numbers?

(today is my first day at my new job! hopefully that excitement won't give me an up arrow.)  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

supporting JDRF

a long while ago (at least a year or more) i made a donation to the local JDRF chapter to get a license plate to support the foundation. they had to get a certain number of donations/commitments before the plates were made.

the time has come ... my car is now sporting this plate - pretty awesome! i haven't seen any others on the road yet.

obviously blurred for privacy

Monday, March 11, 2013


you know what this feels like?

crap. it feels like crap.

that 81 feels like 40 because i've been WAY ABOVE WHERE I SHOULD BE all day.


we all have these days. mine just happens to be on the monday that falls right after daylight savings when i'm tired already and it's been raining all day, blah. it's just fitting.

but NOW, the sun's out! and maybe i can maintain instead of dropping too low. here's hoping.

Friday, March 8, 2013

back ... again!

last week my husband and i were in cabo for a work trip that he earned by busting his butt last year! it was BEAUTIFUL and we spent a lot of time by the pool, watching whales - it was amazing. (i also spent some time explaining diabetes and things related to friends, i always enjoy educating and spreading the knowledge)


we've been home since monday, but my brain is still in that lazy post-vacation fog. i should have gone to the gym this week ... haven't. meant to put my dexcom back on tuesday ... didn't (it's still not on as i write this, i should probably go do that).

i'm excited to say that i've accepted a position that will be a great career move for me - i'm thrilled to start this new chapter! and two bonuses ... 1. they have an office cat. for real. AN OFFICE CAT! i love that. and 2. a woman used to worked there who was type 1 and had an insulin pump - so they told me they'll get juice to keep in the fridge for me! how nice is that?! 

i'm slowly getting back on track with this 'ol blog, it feels good! 

here are a few more cabo pictures, just for funsies: 

beach party with the husband

yeah, i did that.

have a great weekend and st. patrick's day (if you're into that celebration)!