Tuesday, May 1, 2012

dexcom sightings

yesterday, my dexcom sensor (on my arm) was spotted by a few people ... i forget it's there, and when the weather is warm it's not covered by long sleeves!

i stopped by a friend's classroom to pick up my awesome fascinator she made for me to wear to the oaks on friday. she has a student who is a type 1 diabetic, so she spotted mine and we showed him what it was and explained it to him - i think he thought it was pretty cool. :)

then, i stopped at the grocery, and the girl at the check out lane said 'oh! what's that on your arm?' and i told her what it was. she said 'that's really cool!' ... which was much nicer than those who say 'oh, you must have it really bad.' i was glad to share with her. she learned something new yesterday!


  1. That is a much nicer reply! :)

    Caleb has had the same, sweet art teacher for four years now and she just noticed his sensor the other day. He didn't have it for one of those years and wore it mostly on his tush for the first year, so I shall not fault her for not noticing those two years! :)

    Caleb tells kids it's his "tracking device". When he read Hunger Games, he made this correlation. The kids think that is pretty cool. He explains it tracks his blood sugar, not him, but it doesn't matter - "tracking device" is really all they hear. lol

  2. I had my pump site on my arm last week and the guys who work at starbucks (that i have seen every day for about 4 years) noticed it and were like "what happened? did you hurt yourself?" I just said "no that's for my insulin pump" and they were like "oh. cool." goodtimes.