Monday, February 25, 2013

unintentional blog hiatus

oh, hi there again.

i thought it had been about a month since i last blogged ... yeah, december 4. oopsie. for some reason i think i don't have things to talk about - when, in reality, we all know diabetes is always there. i'm going to focus on short posts instead of rambling on and on so i can post more consistently. small goals. :)

today's topic: my last post was about choosing a new pump. i made my choice and got it in december. drumroll please ... i chose the same pump. yay ping! i just couldn't let go of my remote. i use it so often, i did wish there were other pump options with them, but there just weren't. i know, the omnipod obviously has one, but of course, the newer smaller model of the pod came out after i had already made my choice - and i already have my dexcom sticking to my body, i'm just not a fan of having 2 things stuck to me constantly. personal choice!

so, that's my pump update. other mini updates: my thyroid medicine dosage has been upped at every check-up i've had with dr awesome. he thinks we're nearing the proper amount, fingers crossed the last change is the one that sticks.

i'm still married (of course!) and about to go on a lovely vacation with my great husband, we can't wait!

and saturday night i met a great woman whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago ... small world, i love meeting people who have diabetes (or their kids do) and hearing their stories. she saw my dexcom sensor and it sparked the conversation.

also - i'm an instagram lover. if you're there, find me! i love taking pictures and seeing what other people are sharing. i'm @fancymrspack

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