Tuesday, June 11, 2013

meet dr. awesome!

this morning was my usual endo check up. my a1c is 6.9! i love it when that number begins with a 6. now i'm gonna work on bringing down that .9 part a little bit. my thyroid medicine dosage is also at a good place - didn't have to bump it up, yay!

anyone who reads my blog knows that i love my endocrologist and the people that work in his office. i really appreciate that i get to see an endo that lives with type 1 diabetes. he really 'gets it.' he understands what's going on and he knows what it feels like. we took a few minutes at the end of my appointment today to talk about his career ... and of course, cupcakes.

me: how long have you been an endocrinologist?

dr. awesome: since 1983, 30 years.

me: how long have you worked at this office?

dr. a: I've been with this group for 20 years.

me: what made you want to be an endocrinologist?

dr. a: two things. a lot of people think it was because i have diabetes. during my training there were a few endocrinologists that i was in contact with that i really liked so i got kind of turned on to it. the rest of it sort of fell into place. looking back, i think i'm doing exactly what i was born to do.

me: when were you diagnosed with diabetes?

dr. a: when i was 18. that was one of my high school graduation presents.

me: and you use an insulin pump?

dr. a: yes i do.

me: what is your favorite thing about your job?

dr. a: i love what i do. i'm at the point where people are asking when i'm retiring. i don't ever want to retire - as long as i'm in good health, i won't. i really love what i do.

me: what advice do you have for people living with diabetes - whether they're your patients or not?

dr. a: stay current. pay attention to things. don't get complacent. stay on top of your health but don't let it run your life.

me: what's your go-to treatment for lows?

dr. a: glucose tablets.

me: what if you don't have any with you?

dr. a: juice, coke .. anything with carbs and anything that tastes sweet. but my go-to is glucose tablets. i always have them with me.

me: what's your favorite flavor?

dr. a: grape.

me: what's your favorite kind of cupcake?

dr. a: oh gosh, anything with chocolate! recently i had one that was like carrot cake and it was pretty good too. i love all cupcakes!

imagine that, a person with diabetes who loves cupcakes. :)

without further ado, i'm revealing his true identity! you know him as dr. awesome, allow me to introduce you to the one and only, dr. fred williams!

with my favorite endo


  1. Yay!!! Fred "Awesome" Williams, MD!

  2. oh, that's awesome! :) I love that you have an endo you love. and I love that he did a little interview with you! and of course, that he loves cupcakes too. that's the sign of a REAL dr. awesome endo, right there.

  3. I love this. Awesome endo FTW!!!

  4. Absolutely, cupcake-worthy fantabulous! Love hearing stories about PWD-endos who "get it," and glad that you and Dr. Awesome (he is, no matter his "true identity!) are getting along great. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks Dr. Williams for the quick Q&A!