Tuesday, July 1, 2014

pregnancy with diabetes: appointments.

first, happy july!

when a woman is pregnant, there are lots of doctor's appointments. when a woman that has type 1 diabetes is pregnant, there are even more appointments. here's just a glimpse of mine - tentatively (except the ones that have already happened, of course). add in recording/sending my blood sugar log to dr. awesome and talking to someone at his office weekly with any insulin changes.

OB: 8 weeks
endo: 10 weeks
eye doctor: 12 weeks
OB: 13 weeks
i am here
endo: 15 weeks
OB: 17 weeks
endo: 19 weeks
OB "level 2 ultrasound": 20 weeks
OB follow up: 21 weeks
endo: 23 weeks
OB: 24 weeks
eye doctor: 25 weeks
OB: 28 weeks
endo: 29 weeks
OB: 32 weeks
endo: 33 weeks
OB: 36 weeks
OB: 37 weeks
endo: 37 weeks
OB: 38 weeks
and if the baby isn't here yet:
OB: 39 weeks
BIRTH: 40 weeks

i guess one perk of already having diabetes is that i don't have to take the glucose test that i've heard many women complain about! ;)

ps - i totally missed my 14th diaversary on june 26. here's to 14 years!

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