Thursday, March 24, 2016

pregnancy + diabetes + eye things.

on tuesday i had a spot in my vision of my left eye ... the best way i know to describe it is the spot that stays in your vision after a camera flash goes off. except mine is sort of a flattened out u-shape, like someone drew it with a thick marker. it hangs out in the lower right inside line of vision, no matter where i look, there it is.

i let it go on tuesday, wondering if there was something in my eye, if it was just a random thing that would go away, etc. but by tuesday night, it was still there so my double-hormone pregnancy brain decided to take over and FREAK OUT about diabetes complications and pregnancy complications and OHMYGODIAMGOINGBLIND. i remembered that kerri had some eye things going on during her first pregnancy, so i consulted with her and got her professional opinion/had her tell me i wasn't going blind.

not my eye - found via google search

i called the eye doctor wednesday morning. i went to an appointment that afternoon, and saw a doctor in the practice i hadn't seen before. a lovely woman, who, of course, has twin three year old daughters. so she gave me her twin tips, etc, and said she saw what looked like deposits just outside my retina that were interfering with my vision and that explained the line i was seeing. just to be safe, she wanted me to see the retina specialist before i left.

[sidenote, my favorite part ... 'she can see you right now!' ... and i saw the second doctor 50 minutes later.]

they had only dilated my left eye when i saw the first doctor, but then the retina specialist wanted to see both eyes dilated so then my vision was really wonky since they were dilated at different times.

i got a scan of my eyes, and the second doctor (who was pregnant and also so nice) tried to blind me with her lights and extra light shining through glass, etc. she asked me to re-explain for the fourth time at that office what i was seeing, and she read over what the first doctor said.

then, she became my best friend when she said 'well, i see no evidence of diabetes at all in either of your eyes. they look great and i do see a spot where you are seeing a change in your vision, but it just looks like a little white bump and i think it's probably from changes during your pregnancy and it will likely get smaller and go away on its own. i just want to follow up in about a month'

i almost hugged her.

thinking about the possibility of diabetes complications is scary. add in a twin pregnancy, and it's even scarier. i'm beyond thrilled that it's nothing ... even though i still see the spot today and it's so annoying and i wish it would just GO AWAY already ... but i'm glad that i decided to get it checked out, even if just to put my mind at ease.

PSA: if something feels weird, follow your gut.