Saturday, September 14, 2013

just got back from a JOG!

yesterday i didn't exercise. well, not officially, but i did walk a lot to distribute some posters for a work event, so that kind of counts.

BUT, this morning, i went for a JOG! i used my brain and didn't run up the first hill that is my only access to the rest of the neighborhood, because that one ALWAYS makes my legs hurt. i walked up, stopped to stretch, and was on my way.

i did stop to walk and stretch a few times, but that's ok. and my legs weren't hard as rocks and tight in the same place they always have been. my calves were tight, so i stretched.

it wasn't a super long run or anything, i was gone about 40 minutes and trust me it wasn't 4 miles or anything, but it's a start!

my bloodsugar was weird after a late night meal, a little on the high side, but was a steady downtrend while i was running. and it has settled and isn't going too low. improvements all around!

now, ice. :)

ps - GO CARDS! 

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