Tuesday, September 3, 2013

welcome fall!!

so, it's not officially fall. but in my house, september = fall. when we got back from chicago, fall decor went up all around us. LOVE IT!

our mantle. this is DEFINITELY not all of the decor.
and guess what's even better? the weather we got this evening = totally fall-like. cool, breezy, not humid, LOVE. so guess what else? i worked out OUTSIDE!

got in a little 40 minute walk/jog (my shins are now reminding me about that whole 'don't run' thing ... typing this with ice on my legs. I WISH I COULD RUN PAIN FREE!) and then i did a cool workout that i found on pinterest for a final burst at the end ... a quick routine to do to one song! this one was mackelmore's can't hold us, and i thought for sure when i started the exercises that there was no way i'd be able to finish by the time the song ended, but I WAS WRONG!

via pinterest

as i was standing up from the last burpee (i have a love/hate relationship with those. as do many people who do them.) ...BOOM. song over. WOOHOO!

feels good to be back on the move. yay for sweaty healthiness!


  1. Fall is my favorite!!

  2. Fall rocks! And I agree that September = fall, even if it doesn't officially start until the 22nd. I can't wait to pull out the boots :)