Monday, March 24, 2014

jdrf mentor program

a few months ago, i completed training for the jdrf mentor program. do you have this program in your city? it's relatively new here - or at least, new to me.
JDRF can connect you with another family or adult facing life circumstances similar to yours. For example, as an adult you may be dealing with workplace issues, planning to have children, have financial/insurance concerns, and more. A family, on the other hand, may be facing a new diagnosis, dealing with sending a child to school or college for the first time, or trying to handle an increasingly independent teenager. Our family and adult mentors are volunteers who can share their personal experiences, answer non-medical questions, and most importantly, lend valuable, specialized support when you need it most.
i think it's such a great idea that you could be connected with someone who is going through a situation you may have gone through in the past and can help them and be there to let them share their frustrations or successes. i was excited to sign up and learn more.

recently, i was contacted with information about someone who i might be a match for. of course, i will not be sharing any specific or personal information about whoever i may be matched with for their privacy, but i'm looking forward to meeting other people that are a part of our diabetes community!

are any of you jdrf mentors?

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  1. Alexis (@sugar_nova on Twitter) is in charge of the mentor program for our chapter and I am one of the mentors. It is awesome to reach out to the people who were diagnosed a bit older like I was and also awesome to see people like my friend Rachael be there for the people who have their tiny littles diagnosed (I think she met with a 3 yr old last week).