Wednesday, March 5, 2014

time change = lancet change

there's a running joke (feels like a joke to me ... only because i don't abide by it) around the diabetes community that daylight savings time is the time to change out your lancet. pretty much because plenty of us don't change them as often as you're 'supposed' to. i do change mine more often than every time change, but not daily.


our spring forward is approaching (this saturday! mark your calendar! i had no idea until i saw it on the news yesterday. time flies...). this morning when i was checking my blood sugar, i thought about the lancet change because my usual depth level wasn't drawing any blood. is the needle dull? am i THAT cold? is my skin thicker?

i used to set my depth to 3. (the depth is how far the needle shoots in your skin to draw blood.) some days, level 3 works ... some days, it doesn't. today, 4 worked.

does anyone else have to adjust their depth? do you have to use a higher number over time?

good thing my fingers are numb to the pricks.

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