Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the final stretch

when you're type 1 and pregnant, you get some extra attention ... from doctors.

of course i've been seeing dr. awesome monthly, and my OB monthly - but now, i'll be seeing her much more frequently. 

starting this week, i go to the OB twice a week for the duration of my pregnancy (something i thought would start at week 34). at the beginning of the week, i have an ultrasound followed by a quick check-in with a doctor or nurse practitioner. later in the week, i go in for a non-stress test (NST) followed by another check-in. 

i have a feeling these weeks are going to fly by. unless he (or my OB) decides otherwise, i'll be induced on december 18, to deliver on the 19th. i have a feeling it will be before then, but of course i could be totally off. as long as he stays where he is until december 10, i'll take him when he's ready. :) (i'll be 37 weeks on 12/10 ... before 37 weeks babies have to go to the NICU and i want no part of that!) 

perk = weekly pictures of our little guy. and feeling pretty safe and closely watched! 

here's to the next six weeks... 

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