Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JDRF walk recap 2011

last night was the awards dinner for the jdrf greater louisville walk to cure diabetes. we hadn't been before, and last year my team and i won some awards and wanted to go this year. 

mom, dad and my friend becca went with me, and it was a fun little hour. met some new people, ate some good food, got some awards and had these ADORABLE sneaker cookies that were DELICIOUS.

and, becca was adopted into our family for the night with our last name on her name tag. :) 

the totals are in!

i raised $1,255 and received a golden sneaker award for fundraising excellence and my team raised $2,497 and received the bronze achievement award for fundraising! WOO HOO!! 

thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated, walked, came to the fundraising activity, asked their family and friends for donations, listened to me asking you to donate for months; i couldn't have done it without your help!

the awards are hanging out on the shelf with the awards from last year. :) 

hey team, next year, let's go for a higher level! 


  1. Great job, Mer! Nice Golden Sneaker Award there!

  2. I earned one of those too last year, but they gave it to my team captain, and trying to get it from her seems impossible. :( Congrats on your award!