Thursday, December 29, 2011


i hope you all had a great christmas! (if you celebrate. if not, i hope you had a nice weekend.) i got some lovely christmas cards some from friends in the DOC that i enjoyed - they're on my fridge! thanks to you all!

i had a great holiday weekend, and i'm enjoying a nice little staycation this week. 

i had my handy dexcom with me this year, so for all the celebrations, i was keeping an eye on what my blood sugar was doing as i devoured the treats of the season

pretty much everything went as usual, i bolused for what i ate, and watched the graph climb and drop. i actually did really well on christmas day, i didn't go over 200 after my meal ... so when i decided i would indulge and have one of my aunt's delicious chocolate covered rice crispy treats (and bolused of course), i was pissed as i watched the graph shoot up with a straigh arrow. sigh. lesson learned. but it was totally worth it. 

hope you all have a great new year! 

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