Monday, December 12, 2011


so i've had the dexcom on for almost a week ... and now i know how ridiculous my blood sugars are on a day to day basis. geez. it's almost embarrassing. but ya know, i have diabetes. it's not going to be perfect.

my blood sugars have been i guess okay during this week ... i'm noticing the reaction times based on certain things i eat and some other stuff i want to work on for myself (including getting my ass back on a regular workout schedule. sigh. i miss bootcamp.), i am trying to perfect my delivery time when i bolus for meals ... why is it so hard for me to perfect the combo ratio? what percentage now? what percentage over the next hour? should it be an hour? a half hour? more than an hour? i hate math.

i got excited yesterday because i thought i was doing something right ... my 12 hour graph looked like this!

i hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, had regular meals, regular boluses ... things were just working out in my favor i guess. and then i jinxed myself by saying it out loud.

this morning, i look like THIS.

now, my blood sugar checks this morning have been in the 220s and 230s but i mean, seriously? wtf? why? i didn't eat anything unusual, but apparently at night my body was like hey guess what THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN.

i'm really happy about it. which is probably also helping me come down at a nice rate ...

life with diabetes continues.


  1. Your bottom graph looks just like mine did this morning. But at least we know, right? :)

  2. does that make us BG twins or something?? #special

  3. I would love to be able to see what kind of crazy graphs S would produce but for now we will stick with the guessing of what kind of crazy number will show on our meter - haha. Glad you are enjoying the new gadget!

  4. It funny how these tracking doohickies work.

    I never realize how crazy a typical day looks until I've got everything printed out at my CDE's office.

    It'll drive you crazy if you let it!

  5. Yep, sometimes it just happens! The first graph is beautiful though!! All information is helpful

  6. My first few weeks with dex were SO EXCITING. And intense - weird to see those numbers 24/7. Still, I'm beyond in love with the tech and don't know what I'd do without it. Congrats to you, lady!

  7. That is because the CGM no hitter is like the Fight Club. First rule... no talking about no hitters.