Monday, January 23, 2012

back at it

remember that whole burn out thing? yeah. when that happens, sometimes you eat like crap. and that makes blood sugar go crazy. mmhmm. i'm not saying this happened to me, but i'm not saying it didn't.

but now i'm over that, yay! and salads are sounding delicious lately (and i had a terrifying choking episode when i was out to lunch with mom last week, thanks lettuce); i'm back at trying to do the no sweets, or as few sweets as possible ... it's working. waking up with blood sugar at 95 feels good. :)

meter: 95, cgm: 100. win.

and next week (february ... it's already february?? sheesh.) i'll be back at the gym and i'm excited about that. maybe the crowds will be dwindling from all the new year's resolution people? we'll see.

so yay for being healthy!