Tuesday, January 31, 2012

random things

my blood sugar has been better. i think all of the infections and medicines are now out of my body and i feel more stable. thank god.

i need to find my motivation to get back to regular exercise. i thought i'd found it a few weeks ago, but it went somewhere again. it might be the weather. (speaking of weather, it's going to be 65 here today. what the hell, winter?) i have a groupon for another bootcamp to try out, i need to set that up.

i've been teaching a friend about diabetes stuff. i like when people want to learn. and ya know, a refresher to remind myself that i still know what i'm doing after 11 years.

it's amazing how, after the crazy blood sugars from being sick leveled out, my dexcom is such an awesome teaching tool. i have also realized, yet again, that carbs are the devil. when i don't have bread, pasta, etc, i have such a nice little graph. but the minute i do, it's glucoaster time. annoying. (i have also noticed that ice cream is not the devil. maybe wendell should have said no pizza or loaves of bread. ass.) i'm rediscovering my love for salad. (and the unwich at jimmy johns. delicious lettuce wrap? yes please!)

january is over already? whaaaaaaaaaaat?? that's fine. bring it on, february.

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  1. I'm in that same place, finding the motivation to exercise and just get back on track. Tough, but I'm sure we'll find it!