Thursday, February 16, 2012

FOOD (and pinterest)!

so, we all know how i feel about pinterest. (and if you don't, saying i love it is putting it lightly.) i have found some recipes to try, but usually they sit on my foods board and i don't do anything with them.

well, recently i acquired a larger crock pot than the one i have. i've made crock pot meals twice this week. first i made chili (no pinterest recipe), and yesterday i made hawaiian chicken. YUMS.

last night i also made cake batter rice crispy treats. also yums. and while there are tons (and i mean TONS, ask ashley) of delicious dessert ideas, as well as pasta and carb-loaded dishes, there are lots of healthy options too!

i have some healthy options pinned (the chicken wasn't too unhealthy, it was chicken and pineapple and sauce. that's it.), and i plan to try them out! i'm kind of stuck on the crock pot idea right now, it's so easy and much nicer when dinner's ready when you get home from work.

here's the rundown in case you don't understand pinterest. there are millions of 'pins' about all kinds of different topics that are found all over the web. you 'pin' something you find anywhere online so that all the ideas you find are in one place. people have different 'boards' so that all their ideas are organized into categories. for example, i have boards for food, crafts, home, style, funny stuff ... just to name a few. warning: it's addicting. so addicting, in fact, that i'm having a pinterest party with some of my friends! we're all making recipes we found on pinterest and sharing them with each other. i'm pretty excited (and yes i'll blog about it after the party)!

so if you need delicious recipe ideas (ya know, because there aren't 100 million recipe web sites), and you're not on pinterest, you should probably join. and just because there are a lot of crafty, pretty, girly things, doesn't mean there aren't some manly things too. hello, men like food. join!!

and if you need an invite, just let me know. i like to share the love. sharing is caring!

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  1. I'm really glad that I'm planning a food + pinterest blog post as well. As always, we have the same brain.