Thursday, February 23, 2012

food! (and blood sugar.)

my blood sugar has been pretty good as of late. except that random day last weekend when i stayed above 200. that sucked.

as i've said before, dexcom is such a great learning tool. as if i didn't know eating panera makes my blood sugar go up like crazy. or eating more than the serving size of cookies will sending me into triple digits i don't like. or that ice cream will send me up, but not for too long, and back down where i was. mmm, cupcakes ... game over. i've gotten better at the pizza thing. i ate pizza the other night and didn't go over 185. HOLLA!

notice a trend? i like carbs. and sweets. that's the biggest curse for a diabetic. loving sweets. craving bread. sigh. (have you SEEN my pinterest foods board?)

can we get hypnotized to not like sweets? that would be AWESOME. sign me up. well, i would like to enjoy birthday cake for myself though, so can i get hypnotized to not like sweets EXCEPT on my birthday?

wow, can you imagine how almost level my blood sugars might be if i took out all that stuff? ha. in my dreams.

(in other news, i changed my dexcom 'high' alert to 160. i'm trying to decide how i feel about that because i want to be alerted BEFORE i'm above 200. does that make sense?)


  1. makes total sense. my cgm is set at 180, and during pregnancy it was at 140.
    and yes, to not like sweets would be AWESOME.

  2. I pinned 2 "cake batter" recipes today and thought of you!

  3. When I was more stringent, my Dexcom alerted me at 160, too. :)