Monday, March 26, 2012

blood sugar success

so, this isn't exactly a no-hitter, but let me share my 24 graph from my dexcom (took this picture last night).

it's a little up and down (a little? ok, it's a lot up and down, but in range at least.) but i have lowered my high alert to 160 - NOTICE that it is BARELY over 160!! and there are two lows, but that second one i checked with my meter and i was 71 and i ate so i could prevent that drop, i don't know how low it REALLY went before going back up (dexcom doesn't always have a perfect reading).

it made me really excited! i didn't go over 200 and i barely dropped, and i knew to treat so i could prevent going really low.

my little dexcom friend is really coming in handy. :)

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  1. I also recently moved my high alarm to 160 but I have the reminder at an hour. Basically, I want to know sooner that I am trending up, but not as often that I am still there! :)