Monday, March 19, 2012

more dexcom thoughts

i have seen tweets about people who have been wearing their dexcom for almost three weeks and have always thought, WOW, i wish my dexcom would stick on that long ... so far i'm at two and a half weeks, longest EVER!

it is just starting to peel off at the edges. it's still reading very accurately too, i think i'm about three or four days into the second week. (i should probably remember the day i start them.)

last week, i got some new tape to put over my sites to help them stick on longer. i've been using OLD tape (i'm talking 11 years old) that i used to put on over the first infusion sets i ever used to hold them on and it has been working fine, but i wondered if using tape that was made, i don't know, in this decade, might hold better.

i haven't used it yet, but i'm thinking i might need to slap some on there tonight or tomorrow. i'm setting my own record for how long i'm wearing a dexcom sensor! go me!


  1. Way to go on the record-setting sensor!! Yes, I'm one of those who's gotten three weeks out of Dex sensors. Not every time, but usually on my arms. Tape is my secret. Without it, I'm sure it'd be falling off by the 10 day mark or so. But I usually tape it at the start, and then put new tape over it about halfway through. Will look forward to the updates on how long this sensor life gets you!!

  2. 2.5 weeks? That is amazing! Have you used any of the other CGMs out there? I am wondering how Dexcom's readings compare to the others'. I have heard Dexcom is the most accurate.

  3. i haven't used any other CGM, but i love my dexcom!