Thursday, March 8, 2012

i don't get it.

yesterday i was loving my blood sugar, it was in a good range, even after dinner it was okay ... except dexcom didn't think so. for about an hour it kept beeping, telling me i was low - but i was in the 80s and 90s.

so to be safe, i had a small snack before bed so i didn't drop too low, i had a level arrow on my dexcom but the numbers were slowly dropping a bit.

annnnnd this morning when i woke up dexcom said i was 352. WHAT?? when i checked, i was 311. WHY? i just don't get it. (i'm not that high anymore. thank god.)

11 years later, and this disease still baffles me.


  1. Sorry for the 300s high, Mer. The unknowns are the worst part... hope it leveled out quickly, though!

  2. I can relate - hate days like that .. when just out of the blue BAM you are hit with a low/high for no good reason. :/ (This is year 20 for me)