Thursday, April 26, 2012

and finally, some good news.

as if i haven't been to enough doctor's appointments in the past two weeks, yesterday was my yearly opthamologist appointment.

of course i had to tell them about my new diagnosis, and my eye doctor said 'you don't look like you have any effects of graves.' yeah.

i got the usual dilation, hung out in the waiting area with people at least 40 years older than me (the girl who signed me in commented on how it was nice to see young faces sometimes), the loud cell phone talkers and impatient patients until it was finally my turn.

i feel like all i've been hearing lately are things that are wrong and need to be fixed, so it was good to hear his findings. no damage and my vision is 20/20 in the left eye and 20/25 in the right eye. 20/25 = better. than. perfect. just saying.

and also, this:

creepy tv eyes that look crossed

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  1. Hooray! That is some awesome news to receive -- especially the better-than-perfect vision. I'm always excited if my old-lady vision hasn't gotten any old-ladier.