Thursday, April 19, 2012

the thyroid test.

have you ever had a thyroid uptake and scan? no? i have. here's a little something about me. i like to know what i'm going into before it happens. the stress of the whole test was because i didn't know what was going to happen. i like to be prepared.

luckily, my good friend from college, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after we graduated, had this same test done a few years ago and she called and gave me an idea of what it would be like. as well as steph, whose friend does these kinds of tests on people, also told me a few things about it.

i enjoy a good visual, so, for those of you who have never had one, or if you stumbled upon this blog because you googled 'thyroid scan' or 'thyroid uptake and scan' (btw, is uptake the part where i took the radioactive pill? i guess i could have asked.) ... i drew you a picture!! you're welcome.

(click picture to read the words clearly)

preface: the day before this test, you go in and take a radioactive pill. the scan shows how much of the radioactive matter is collected in your thyroid

so, here's how it goes. there is that table that clearly is supported by nothing in my awesome drawing, with a lovely pillow to lay under your back/neck but not all the way under your head. there is a short tunnel (think MRI machine. hello claustrophobia.), which i did not have to go in. the top of my head was right at the edge of that tunnel, but not in it. and oh yes, i asked if i was going to have to be rolled into it.

first, the nice technician rolled that (wheel-less, nice drawing skills, graphic designer) scanner over and it was right above my throat. she said it would take 3 minutes and 30 seconds. and it wasn't noisy, no noise at all actually. the room was not dark, just the lights above me were off so i didn't stare into them i'm sure.

after that, the scanner was rolled away and the table i was laying on was raised up to that triangle shaped thing which apparently had a camera inside. it just looked like a white triangle to me. first, the point was right above my throat. then, the whole panel rotated to the left of my neck and was at an angle, then was rotated to the right for another angle. it stayed in each position for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

that's IT! not a big deal at all. so, now i continue to be on the edge of my seat (not really, although i am thinking about it and trying to be patient) until dr. awesome calls - likely tomorrow - and tells me the results.

also, in case you missed it on twitter ... when i went to take the pill, the technician thought it was so funny because i matched the pill! she said in the ten years she's done this, that's never happened. haha :)


  1. Love the drawing - it's very fancy. And how funny that you matched the pill! Ha!

    Glad to hear that you'll get some information soon, and that both possibilities are not super serious.

    For what it's worth (no idea if it's related at all), I've been taking thyroid pills for as long as I can remember. Apparently it's pretty common for those of us with T1D to also have funny business with our thyroid. Who knew?

  2. i was recently told that thyroid issues are very common in diabetics. and although taking a little tiny pill for the rest of forever is not really a big deal, it's just one more thing to think about each morning. blood test, bolus, take pill, repeat each day until eternity.

  3. fabulous cartoon! glad the scan wasn't too stressful for you. and i hope you have some answers soon. <3

  4. So in the 10 years the tech has been working there, they have never seen anyone as stylish as you? That is a shame!

    I know you have your answers now, so I hope the process toward a solution is quick and easy!