Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sweatbetes is back!


BOOTCAMP! tonight. for six weeks, at my favorite place! and my favorite man is going with me too :)

i won't be going every night like last year, i'm mixing in some zumba and life is busy so i just can't get there every day - but i'm aiming for at least three nights a week. and after the six weeks is up, i hope to continue the at home with the workouts the post on their web site.

i can't WAIT!


  1. Jealous! I want to do Bootcamp but I would have to go at 5AM.... And I'm so scared....lol

  2. That is some pretty cool stuff. I once had a free 90 day pass with a premier fitness club and they had a trainer that was intense and really made the class work hard and come together as a group. It didn't hurt that the Dallas Maverick cheerleaders practiced after our class either.