Monday, June 18, 2012

nighttime lows = tired mornings.

the annoying thing about the dexcom? when it's doing it's job, ya know, alerting you to do something to save yourself from a medical emergency, and it hovers above/below the 'low' line ... and goes off over and over and OVER.

and you eat and drink juice in the middle of the night. and then go back to bed, try to fall back asleep (and look at the clock and think 'if i fall asleep now i'll get this much more sleep') and the dexcom decides just one more time, right as you're drifting off, to buzz again. just for good measure. even though you're on the uphill climb, it thinks you're still JUST below 70.

awesome. thanks dexcom.

i'll take this little higher number for now. (STILL STAYED UNDER 200!! success.)



  1. When I've tested, treated, etc... I've been known to shove it (that d... dexcom) into a drawer in another room. And then sleep.

  2. It can be SO annoying, indeed. Often, I just grab it from my nightstand and stuff it under my pillow... not the greatest, I know. But at least it shuts it up. I've started keeping my High alerts off at night, just to not annoy me on that end. But the Low alarms are a different story...

  3. Night time lows are horrid! I often sleep through them some how and i'll know if i've had one since i'll wake up completely achy and foggy! That is a new kind of tiredness!!