Friday, June 15, 2012

you can do this: one year later!

well, it's been a year since kim launched the you can do this project ... i guess it's about time for me to submit my own video, no? (i mean, since i helped with the snazzy logo and i'm on the committee and all) :) 

congratulations kim, what an amazing year it's been for you! 

post-exercise, hair-up, visible scar (my proof i'm graves disease and thyroid free!), groggy-for-unknown-coughy-reasons voice and all. here i am, 12 years later ... and still doing it! 

because that's pretty much the message, right? you can do this. i have. 12 years (on june 26!) ... and going strong. 

we should celebrate. let's have some ice cream! and cupcakes!! 

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