Monday, June 11, 2012

oh, hey blog...

sorry blog, that i have neglected you (which means this is a long summary post).

you see, i've been busy with a few things. like finding out i had graves disease, snagging a fiance, having a total thyroidectomy and planning a wedding. 

let's review. i found out i had graves disease on may 19. the option for treatment was nixed because they give you a prescription to keep the disease in remission ... but i am allergic to the drug. so, i met with dr. awesome and he explained the two alternatives. 

option a was to take a radioactive pill - which meant not being around anyone for a week, using disposable plates and utensils, a separate bathroom, etc - a pill that might not take full affect by killing your thyroid for a year (NOTE: this option does work and has for a few people i know personally, it was just not the best choice for me.). he and my surgeon both said they felt surgery was a better option for me, as there is no research that shows if the pill does or does not affect reproductive organs or may cause cancer or other long term effects. The fact that it hasn't shown these things was a plus, but the risk when they said 'if you want to have kids...' (to the woman about to get married) made that plan very unappealing. 

option b was surgery. take the thyroid out. the end. 'then you will be cured of graves disease,' said my amazing surgeon. done. sold. i'd never had surgery, i was crazy nervous, but here we are. i had surgery on may 29 and now i'm graves disease free, with a lovely little scar that will fade quite nicely (that you can't even see if you're a few feet away - and i learned that if you don't know it's there, it has to be pointed out to you). i just have to take a hormone pill each day. which, i've learned in the past month, lots of people i know - or i know someone who knows, or someone whose mom's sister's mother-in-law have to take. 

scar up close - the day i had my bandage removed, a week after surgery

scar far away - a week and a half after surgery

and my blood sugars you guys. ever since my surgery (where my pre-operation blood sugar in the hospital was 333), they have been AMAZING. once i was out of the hospital and off the steroids they had me on for a few days leading up to the operation ... i can count on two fingers the number of times i've been over 200. that's no numbers over 200 in almost TWO WEEKS. it's ridiculous. it makes me feel so good. my fiance (saying that is not ever going to get old. well, until he's my husband) and i went out to dinner at an italian restaurant - where they serve you loads of bread and i had manicotti - i NEVER went over 200. that's unheard of for me. amazing. i've had multiple no-hitters the past few weeks - i've just been too tired, man, surgery really does zap your energy busy to blog them or tweet them. but YAY. it's amazing what removing a pesky organ that's not doing its damn job will do.

at least i'm back to only one malfunctioning, waste of space organ.

(and as for the wedding planning ... we're just five months away and all the big plans have been set - except flowers. got our venue, food, photography, cake, dress, dj ... we're getting close!)

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