Friday, July 13, 2012

photo friday and i'm totally famous

here's the usual friday post (some week of my life i will remember to take more photos like i used to):

excitement in the parking lot . back to running . target browsing
lunch with mom . rain clouds?? . running low - or, i was.

in other news, remember when i used to go to bootcamp? yeah, me too. like a year ago. anywho, i really enjoyed it, and of course we all know the benefits of exercise, etc. but man, bootcamp is expensive!! i AM trying to get back on a regular workout schedule (ya know, finally, after surgery, and pre-wedding festivities, and for my health and all that stuff). i ran three nights this week! i loved it and hated it. my legs hurt like hell, but ice is really helping. just gotta deal with the pain while i'm actually doing it. 

ok so ANYWAY back to me being totally famous. mike, one of the guys who owns the gym where i went to bootcamp, emailed me last week wanting to know if he could ask me a few questions about how exercise/bootcamp helped with my blood sugar - the hidden benefits of exercise - for a local newspaper article he was writing. 

it hit newsstands yesterday, so if you'd like me to sign your copy, i absolutely will. and you can head on over here to check out that article (i'm in like the ninth paragraph. HAHAHA) ... good thing he asked me now and not in three months because that age would sting a little. ;) 

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