Monday, July 23, 2012

pump consideration

my pump's warranty ends in november. that means it's time to start thinking about if i want to stick with animas and the ping - that i do like - or switch it up and try something new.

last week, dr awesome had a few thoughts. he said the new version of the ping is pretty much exactly the same as what i have now. i've been hearing for a while (and so has he) that they're integrating with dexcom, but that has yet to happen. he suggested waiting until my pump 'dies,' then choosing from what's available at that point. i have NEVER had a pump past the warranty date, so that makes me a little nervous.

then he mentioned a new pump ... the tslim. it sounded familiar, and i realized that i had just read a post by kim about it, and i thought it sounded very awesome. and fancy schmancy (fancy nancy? ...too much?) lookin' too. he said it isn't available in our area yet, but i could wait until that one is because he thinks it's really cool and i would like it. he wasn't sure when we can get it here, i asked kim if she knew when it would be available but upon further investigation, i found out it should be available in august. 

tslim site

so now i need to decide if i want to start the process and get more information about the tslim so i can get it when it's available (can you get a new pump before the warranty is out on the old one? need to call insurance!); go ahead and get the new ping; wait til my ping dies (that makes me nervous, so probably a no); or do something else that i haven't found out about yet. 

what pump do you use? have you ever used one past the warranty date? 


  1. Insurances vary, but from what I've heard you pretty much have to wait for the warranty to run out or for the pump to die.

    As far as getting the t:slim, when I tried it out at FFL, it was pretty cool. It was a limited trial since I wasn't hooked into it, but I liked it. Other than the touchscreen, there really aren't any fancy bells or whistles to it (not remote meter, no CGM integration...) so in some respects it's a step backward. But I have high hopes for t:slim in the future.

  2. My pump warranty expires in August as well! I've been hoping that the new Animas Vibe will be FDA approved by November, but I'm not sure it will be. I've been thinking about this one because it looks cool, but I really don't want a pump that I have to charge, because,knowing my luck, I would forget to charge my pump... That would not be good...