Tuesday, July 10, 2012


this morning i had some bloodwork done for my post-surgery appointment (next week) with dr. awesome.

random things that happened:

1. they were very crowded. there were four people waiting to have blood drawn (there is usually one other person or no one) - and the rooms where you go to have that done were already full. busy day at the endo!

2. i had to go down the hall to an exam room because they had enough people but not enough space. that room was very quiet and i heard something i had never heard before. i heard the blood flowing into the tubes she was filling. seriously, that is a first. and it kind of grossed me out. THAT is how quiet the room was.

3. when i tested in the office, i was 68. two points below acceptable. so i got two glucose tablets and had hang out in the waiting area for ten minutes before i could be on my way.

sigh, low blood sugar is so inconvenient.

how long does your endo make you wait if you're low?


  1. Unfortunately {fortunately?} I can't remember ever being low at my endo. I'm usually there after lunch and end up being high. I think the stress makes me high too. But they'd make me wait 15 minutes, I know.

  2. I think I have only been low at the endo once. It was while getting set up for a Dexcom trial so I just had an apple juice and kept learning.