Monday, May 16, 2011

compartment syndrome?

apparently i might have that. i called my orthopedic surgeon's office on friday (same one i saw when i hurt my leg/ankle) and set up an appointment ... she said the first available appointment was june 3.

that is only a few days before i really need a solution (future plans involving lots of walking...) so i emailed the doc to ask if he can help in the meantime - he's a family friend. i don't like to pull that 'i know the doctor' card, but i really do need to get in sooner if i can.

talked to him yesterday, explained my pain - when i work out, the muscle on the outside of my shin tightens up. like, it feels like concrete. and it's sensitive to touch. it hurt last week when i had to walk a lot for work, i wasn't doing intense exercise, and i am nervous about feeling that pain during the future plans that involve lots of walking.

so he mentioned that it sounds like compartment syndrome. not the bad scary 'you need surgery right now' kind, but 'chronic compartment syndrome' that is caused from exercise and such. that sounds like fun, doesn't it? you know what is more fun? the test they do to see if you have it.

first, i'm gonna have to run or do some exercises to aggravate the muscle, get it to tighten up (that won't take much). then, they have to stick a needle into the muscle that's attached to some tool that measures the pressure.

yes, i'm nervous. i can't stop thinking about it. noon. today. i'll keep you posted.

EDIT/UPDATE: i have chronic exertional compartment syndrome, no needle was needed to find out, he could tell. no more running ... rest, and if it hurts, ice and ibuprofen.


  1. Good Luck... Take photos... curious minds want to see. :)

  2. eek! Good luck! This sounds kinda scary...

  3. You sound as bad as me watching those kind of video's or shows. Stupid me watched the one on c-sections before I had my first child! lol wasn't as bad as I thought it was - ended up with c-section on both kids. Second child I requested c-section - to afraid to have it the normal way. (I knew if I did it the normal way my husband would never get sex from me again!!!!)