Thursday, February 27, 2014

have i told you about nurse amazing?

you've heard all about dr awesome - and met him!

i don't think i've ever talked about the amazing nurse practitioner that i saw for days upon days - for weeks, months, a whole summer - after i was first diagnosed.

i saw nurse amazing regularly. my mom and i would meet with her for a few hours in mornings; she taught me pretty much everything there was to learn about diabetes. on my first visit, i stood at a table in a small room holding a syringe of insulin with my mom and her staring at me, waiting for me to give myself my first injection. it was terrifying. but comforting, because she really is AMAZING. she's the one taught me how to check my blood sugar. who discovered my penicillin allergy (fun times). taught me all about insulin pumps. spent an entire day with me when i finally got my pump and more that i'm sure i'm forgetting ... so involved.

i had appointments with her for a few years through college, and after i graduated and came home, i found out that she was moving out of town and wouldn't be there anymore. it was really sad. she was a big part of my diabetes journey and i wasn't going to see her every few months anymore.

i would always ask about her at dr awesome's office. she kept in touch with them, so i'd get to hear that she was doing well - but never got her contact info because they couldn't give it to me. sad day!

enter the magical, wonderful website called facebook. last year, guess who i found? nurse amazing. we've talked about visiting (she's just a few hours away), she told me about her granddaughter who also has type 1, i've told her all about my husband and we've shared emails with years of catching up ... the time is coming. in april, we're going to visit (after she gets back from florida - JEALOUS.). no date is set in stone yet, but i'm excited to see her and for my husband to meet her.

now, nurse amazing told me i could share her real name on my blog, but what's the fun in that? anticipation is more exciting. so when i do see her, i'll take pictures. and share them here.

what about you? is there someone from your diabetes journey that you've lost touch with and miss? that you'd like to see again? try facebook. seriously. i think almost everyone is there.

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