Friday, August 12, 2011

diabetes fun friday

the fam was in town this week, so i had a little chat with the niece and nephew about diabetes. basically asked them what they think it is, etc. (it's always fun to hear made up kid answers about things they are unsure of, right?) the nephew is 9, the niece is 4 with a quickly approaching birthday.

and yes, after we discussed, i educated them with the correct information.

me: what is diabetes?
niece: diabetes is when have to have shots and you have to go to the doctor because they give you shots and stuff.
nephew: you have to be careful with your body and treat it well when you have diabetes.

me: yes, but what IS diabetes?
nephew: a sickness.

me: how or what do people get diabetes from? what causes it?
nephew: stuff you're allergic to? (he said it like he was asking)
niece: dessert.

me: what helps keep people with diabetes healthy?
niece: not getting sick and taking shots.
nephew: you listen to the doctor, take the right medicines, measure the right amount of medicines, stay away from stuff that might make it worse and use your pump.

me: is there anything people with diabetes are not allowed to eat?
niece: dessert.
me: wait. dessert? have you ever seen me eat dessert?
niece: no.
me: really? no ice cream, no cake, no candy? nothing?
nephew: you like red velvet cupcakes and cake.
niece: [blank stare] i am 4 years old.  [major fit of 4 yr old giggles followed.]

me: okay, what should i eat?
nephew: healthy vegetables and fruit.
niece: grapes, a strawberry, tomatoes, watermelon, chocolate cake ... chocolate cake and whipped cream with strawberries, that would work and be very yummy.

me: when i poke my fingers, what am i doing?
nephew: you're checking your blood sugar.

me: what's a number i usually get? do you remember?
niece: 5, 2, 8, 9 ,6, 18, 19, 20, 100, 1800
nephew: around 100.

me: what does it look like if someone has diabetes?
niece: it looks like that you take shots and medicine.
nephew: you have pumps and wear more stuff on your body than we do.

the niece and nephew enjoying dumbo at disney world 


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