Friday, August 26, 2011

random thoughts.

today is random thoughts friday.

yesterday, bootcamp was 'we're going to make your arms feel like jello' night. yeah, that worked. mission accomplished, trainers.

i have a busy weekend/next week coming up.

i'm getting feather extensions next week. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!

my mom's birthday is thursday. i'm leaving town thursday morning and have to be at the airport at about 5:30 am ... i bet dad's taking me ;)

... which means i need to figure out what to get her for her birthday (mom, stop reading) ... any ideas?

i still love pinterest. a lot.

i got my birthday present from my parents early last night - my birthday is october 8. both of their birthdays are between now and then and i already got my present - :) it's awesome and they are awesome.

the JDRF walk is coming up in october ... i've raised $585 so far. my personal goal is $1000. my team's goal is $2000. so far as a team we have $710. i KNOW we can meet and surpass our goal!! if you're feeling generous or touched by how awesome i am (or want to donate for my birthday? what?), feel free to email me and i'll send you the link so you can donate!

i hope hurricane irene doesn't ruin the weekend for all my friends on the east coast. especially my dear friends whose wedding i'm in next weekend in maryland. go away, irene. no one likes you.

have a great weekend everyone!! :D

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  1. Ooh feather to see pics! :D

    Happy Birthday to your mom! Sorry, but I can never even figure out my own mom...she doesn't do make-up, fragrance, jewelry, candles...or anything I find fun!

    Congrats on your JDRF fundraising!!!! I hope to get out there and do another walk this fall. Good luck to you on reaching that rock!!! :)