Monday, August 29, 2011


sometimes, i don't feel lows. i just check my blood sugar and it's like 'oh, huh, 57. this should feel a lot worse.'

other times, i feel them majorly. today is not one of those times, but i'm low - 63, thank you for asking. i'm even writing this while low. which is odd because sometimes, i can't even form proper thoughts when low. and i get confused. but i feel okay, a little shaky physically.

the problem with this low is, it's one of those 'i over bolused for my dinner' lows - which george says is not my fault. it's diabetes fault. his doctor said so. i like his doctor.

so how do we treat lows? we have to eat. or drink. i don't have any juice or regular coke at home right now (yeah yeah, what a bad diabetic i am, so unprepared), so i had to eat. and since dinner wasn't too long ago, i'm not hungry. at all. but i have no choice. so now i will wait for that awful over-full feeling. and then be mad that i had to eat so much more than i planned.

i am pretty sure i've said this before - i know i've said it on twitter, maybe i have said it here - the worst part of a low ... well, the whole thing sucks but one thing is after you've eaten or taken something to treat the low, and still feeling low while you wait for the number to climb back up. that's where i am now. and my stomach is starting to feel too full.

it's a vicious cycle.

eff off, diabetes.


  1. Giving D the finger along with you right now. UGH, I hate the lows, the eating when full, the eating to counteract excercise thus putting ALL the calories back into my body...etc, etc, etc. ((hugs))


    I hate diabetes. And I hate lows so much. What drives me nuts is that PW/oD don't understand how awful lows are AND how awful you feel even afterwards.

    Take it easy.

  3. So totally agreed, sadly. Waiting is the hardest part (to quote Tom Petty). Lows suck.