Monday, August 22, 2011

oh yeah, i have a blog ...

i've been disconnected. not from like, ya know, life in general - but my blog and the DOC.

maybe that means i'm TOTALLY connected to life, staying busy and having fun! ...maybe you saw on twitter that i was at the state fair three nights in a row for concerts ... lady antebellum (thanks becca for taking me with the tickets you won), boyz II men (FREE concert, amazing) and jason aldean (free tickets as payment for a fun gig in a few weeks, stay tuned) - so much awesome! :)

lady A

boyz II men - minus one guy who had a family emergency

jason aldean - amazing show

i need to get my shizz together and focus on my BGs staying in range and staying healthy. i kinda fell off that wagon a little bit when i got bronchitis AGAIN a few weeks ago, missed about two weeks of bootcamp and then ate a bunch of AWESOME and bad for you junk food at the state fair.

this week, back on it. bootcamp twice this week, BGs going well ... i'm gonna continue this trend.

and be connected to my DOC friends and blog. :)

delicious pineapple whip at the state fair! 


  1. Dear Mer,
    I want your ice cream.
    Also, welcome back! :]

  2. OMG PINEAPPLE WHIP. I miss that stuff.

  3. Totally jealous of Lady A! Glad you're enjoying the summer, it's good to disconnect sometimes. :)

  4. mmmm pineapple whip, i didn't get it in disney world so i totally had to make up for it. :)

    and lady A was SO much fun!! ALL the concerts were! :D

  5. We call it Dole Whip at Disney :) So yummy!!!!!!