Friday, September 9, 2011

15 minutes

i think my 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

after a magazine photo shoot for work, a picture in my high school magazine, filming a commercial for my company, and now being talked about on the radio?  i'll take my bow.

when i got to bootcamp last night, the owner asked if i heard him talk about me on the radio. i knew he'd been doing some segments on a local radio show, but i'd only heard one. i racked my brain, thinking i had tuned out and didn't hear him talking about it.

turns out it was an episode i hadn't heard ... he was talking about disease management, diet and exercise. he said he didn't use my name, but talked about me and another diabetic who goes to the same gym.

so i listened, he was informative as always ... the only thing i caught (which no one else would notice or know) is he said my insulin needs are the lowest they've ever been as a result of bootcamp ... hmm. well, they haven't increased, and working out more makes me want to eat better, so i guess technically i am using less insulin. win/win!

if you are so inclined, you can listen here.



  1. woot! famous girl! ;) have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Sweet!!! Enjoy the fame!!!!!!!!! :)