Sunday, September 11, 2011

confessions of a diabetic

i feel like we all have our secrets. when it comes to diabetes, i don't have many. i am pretty open about it. i don't always eat perfectly, i let myself have sweets, i don't count carbs exactly every time i bolus.

but the 'big one,' the one i'm not proud of ... i don't check my blood sugar as often as i should on the weekends. how crappy does that sound? i think it's because my routine is ...well, i don't really have a routine. during the week, i check my blood sugar at all the same times. the weekends are always different. it's so irresponsible of me. and embarrassing.

so why am i telling my invisible internet friends and tens of blog readers? hopefully it'll help me get my shit together. i know it's stupid, i know it makes no sense ... so i need to lock it up and get it together. i have no excuses.

1 comment:

  1. I mean, I like that you're in my brain and all, but geez! Always the same, all the time?!