Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy birthday wilford

yes. i'm aware i'm not doing wordless wednesday. i am shocked as well.

yesterday my sister informed me that it was wilford brimley's birthday ... to be precise:

now, i feel as though some of you may not know why we find wilford to be so humorous, which is a sad thing. allow me to enlighten you.

it really doesn't take much to figure it out. you've seen the bushy mustache. maybe you've seen the pictures comparing his likeness to a dr. seuss character. or to an angry cat. or pops from the muppet show. or the walrus from alice in wonderland. if you haven't, do yourself a favor. google it (or click on those links...).

also, you may or may not be aware of the way he pronounces diabetes. those of us who say it every day, and the majority of the health care world pronounce it correctly: 'dye-uh-bee-tees.' there are a few others who choose to pronounce it 'dye-uh-bee-tis.' i don't know why. i don't know where it came from. personally, i can't STAND that pronunciation. i like my dia-beet to have 'ees' on the end.

i hope that you have seen the lovely liberty medical commercials. if you haven't, go to youtube. you'll find them. and you'll find many mixes of wilford saying dye-uh-bee-tis. to music even! there are quite a few re-mixes of the commercial. did you know you could remix a commercial? true story.

wilford checks his blood sugar. and he checks it often. and he eats oatmeal. (seriously, if you don't know what i'm talking about - YOUTUBE.)

so mr. brimley, i hope you had an awesome birthday. it's good to see a person with diabetes celebrating their 77th birthday!

and for those who haven't heard, yes, my JDRF walk team is named 'what would wilford brimley do?' - credit to my friend who is a fellow PWD. (and if you'd like to donate, send me a message and i'll get you the link! thank you for that donation plug.)

feast your eyes on this:

(that is DESIGNED BY ME. and if you take it from my blog and try to use it as your own, you won't be happy. kthanksbye.)

you're welcome.


  1. Ha ha! Just last night I blogged about a man, who looks and talks like Wilford.

    Love your team name and design!

  2. awesome, mer. Simply awesome... had no clue it was Wilford's birthday. Thanks for that, and some laughs!

  3. I haven't seen those commercials in so long and even though I'm diabetic and the pronunciation bugs the crud out of me, I miss them. My dad looked so much like Mr. Brimley that my friends called him "Wilfred". My dad would just laugh and answer "Yes?"

    Seriously, picture Wilfred Brimley with dark Salt & Pepper hair and that was my dad. And yes, the pronunciation bugged him too.